Volunteer to Promote Peace and Harmony in the Community

Promoting Peace and Harmony at Buddha-for-YouVolunteer to promote Peace and Harmony

Peace and harmony are in our hands. We did not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrowed it from our children. Therefore we have to return it the same, if not better. Would you care to make the Earth a better place to live? More peaceful? If yes, you can help us to promote it in your local community.

You can help us to support a Worldwide Peace and Harmony by helping your Local Community! In San Diego or Southern California you can do it if…

  • If you own a Yoga/Martial art/Meditation studio and would like to host a music meditation event by Ancient Sounds of Peace. Shakuhachi flute has a very long history, connected to ancient samurai tradition. I would be happy to share the history with you and to play some ancient pieces of music.

  • If you own or work at the tea club and would like to combine a tea ceremony with music. There is a very tight connection between Japanese Tea ceremony and shakuhachi flute. They both are very influenced by Zen tradition. I have also played music before and during Chinese tea ceremonies, known as Gong-Fu Cha.

  • If you have suggestions regarding possible venues and would like to volunteer to organize an event. We can favor Shakuhachi flute, Native American flute, or talk about vibrations in general, using flutes, didgeridoo, jaw harp, drums etc. Currently we are limited to Southern California, but we have plans to expand Nationwide. You can help that happen!

  • If you have any suggestion regarding events where this type of music may be appropriate. This music is very suitable for Meditation and Yoga centers, temples, Tea ceremonies, Earth days, Nature-lovers clubs, Ethnic clubs, Japanese or Native American cultural events etc.

  • If you like us or talk about Ancient Sounds of Peace on the Facebook, or share our music or videos with your friends. This can happen Worldwide!

  • If you just share your smile with somebody next to you

  • Make a Donation to help our program to grow